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8 Aug 2019

Exploration & Engineering Seismology

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Seismology (from Ancient Greek seismós meaning “earthquake” and logía meaning “study of”) is the scientific study of earthquakes and the propagation of elastic waves through the Earth or through other planet-like bodies. Exploration seismology is the application of seismology for prospecting energy sources, mainly oil, gas, coal and geothermal. Engineering seismology is the application of seismology for supporting geotechnics & environmental, shallow geohazards, earthquake engineering and related instrumentation design.


Exploration and Engineering Seismology used extensively in a number of fields and its applications can be categorized into two main groups, each defined by their depth of investigation. Near-surface applications, an application that aims to understand geology at depths of up to approximately 1 km, typically used for engineering and environmental surveys, as well as coal and mineral exploration. Hydrocarbon exploration, used by the hydrocarbon industry to provide a high-resolution map of subsurface up to 10 km within the subsurface. This can be combined other exploration geophysics tools and used to help geologist build a geological model of the area of interest.


The research group in general focus on the following activities on exploration and engineering seismology:

  1. Instrumentation – designing and developing instruments.
  2. Data acquisition – survey design and operation.
  3. Data processing – delivering high quality and accurate data.
  4. Data modelling and imaging – modelling of the data to deliver high quality and accurate of surface and sub-surface images.
  5. Data analysis and interpretation – providing reliable and plausible information on exploration and engineering.

All members of Exploration and Engineering Seismology Research Group actively publish their research on reputable international journals. The achievement is reflected in the SCOPUS H-index with the score of more than 4.